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Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization is the basic building block of Search Engine Optimization.  It's about researching keywords related to your product or service that your prospects are searching for. 

There are several factors that affect the keyword optimization surrounding your products or services:

  • Quality content
  • Who or what you want to promote
  • Online Marketing Audience for each product or service
  • Website Structure to support SEO
  • Website Content Management

Many web designers get one or more of these factors wrong and that can hurt your search engine rankings and your website traffic.

Quality Website Content

Having quality content is one of the most important factors with any website.  Informational content is what your prospects are looking for and the first business that they find online that provides what they're looking for has the biggest chance of making the sale.  No matter how good this content is, it will not be seen unless the proper keyword research and optimization is done to insure that the content structure matches what the prospect is looking for in Google's eyes.

Know Your Products or Services

Knowing what appeals to your customers about your product or service helps screen keyword research for good search terms that are relevant to your industry, product or service.  The researcher will never know the business as well as someone involved in it everyday.  They rely on good communication to be sure that the keyword optimization they recommend is appropriate for the product or service.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your target audience is for each product or service is crucial to researching the proper keywords and identifying the keywords your prospects are most likely to use.  Although this relates to Know Your Product, it is differnet in its focus.  Whereas, the above paragraph emphasizes the terms clients might use to describe your products or services, Knowing Your Audience focuses why your clients might be searching for your product or service.  For example, if you sell Ditch Witches, someone looking for your product might search for "buy ditch digging equipment".  Others might be looking for "rent a ditch witch".  Or "drain water from field".  Ditch witch is a well know brand name so assuming that ditch witch would be a good assumption for the product.  If it were not a well known brand name, "rent a ditch witch" would be a better keyword phrase. "Drain water from field" relates to the audience and what they are looking for.

Website Structure and SEO

The structure of the website is crucial to developing a long term successful SEO strategy.  The construct of the website is crucial to how the search engines view the site for relevancy to the chosen keyword phrases.  Having the structure out of sync with the keyword phrases used is one of the most common mistakes we see.

Website Content Management

Keeping content fresh and re-checking the keyword research to be sure the optimization is still appropriate is the last factor in successful Keyword SEO Strategy.    Our content management system allows for easy updating of the website with new text, photo's, pages, navigation etc.  Of course, the new content must be optimized for the proper keywords for it to be effective for search engines.

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